If you are looking for high quality cleaning chemicals, equipment or accessories, or even just some friendly advice to support your business, you are in the right place!


Our Product Categories at a glance:

  • Detergents

    • Our blend of chemicals working perfectly together to render the best cleaning products in the market;
    • Being used by carpet cleaners and institutions all over Australia;
    • No stain is too much for Genesis detergents.
  • Pre-Sprays

    • Concentrated formulas that emulsify soiling, in preparation for extraction;
    • Chemical compatibility with all our Detergents and Spotters;
    • NO odd chemical reactions when combining products.
  • Disinfectants

    • The strongest and most powerful available;
    • Destroy micro-organisms that live in carpets, carpet backing, upholstery or hard surfaces;
    • Deodorize and eliminate odour-causing bacteria in one action;
    • Mask wet carpet smell with a pleasant perfume.
  • Spotters

    • Chemicals designed to attack specific stains;
    • Full range available;
    • No need to use dangeroous bleaches or stripping agents which can permanently damage carpets.
  • Carpet Extraction Machinery

    • Equipment built by professionals for professional cleaners;
    • Marine Grade Fiberglass bodies;
    • Available in various pressure options;
    • Manual or Automatic;
    • Made In Australia.
  • Hard Surface Cleaners

    • Equipment for cleaning tiles, concrete or any hard surface both floor and benches;
    • Added to your existing Genesis Extraction machine to do the job;
    • Teflon Glides, to turn a low presure machine into an effective hard surface cleaner;
    • Grout Brushes.
  • Other Cleaning Products

    • Items used to apply cleaning chemicals, anti-foaming agents, rinsers, air fresheners and more.
  • Equipment Accessories

    • A complete range of accessories for our products:
    • Hoses, detail tools, wands, connectors, vacuum motors, solution pumps, dump valves and more!
CF500 Package

Price: $4,510.00

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