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TENAX Detergent/ Pre-Spray (300:1 Dilution Rate)</li><br> COST Per Litre = .05 Cents
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Product Description

  • 10 kgs Tenax =$192.00 @ 300:1

  • =(90 grams into 25 lts of water),
  • i.e. 111 lots of 25 lts = 2775 lts.

  • $192.00 / 2775 lts = .07 cents per lt.

  • TENAX is a concentrated heavy duty biodegradable powder, with 100% active ingredients. TENAX ENCAPSULATES & SUSPENDS soiling for easy & simple extraction, producing a sparkling clean result..

    • TENAX can be used as a Detergent or as a Pre-Spray
    • A multiple powder detergent, blended to produce a powerful broad acting action that removes soiling under all types of conditions.
    • Agressive while safe (Bio-degradable & Environmentally friendly)
    • TENAX includes detergent powders, surfactants, grease removers, water softeners to provide a mixture in which soiled particles are suspended in a fluid where they are supported by buoyancy until extracted.
    • Inbuilt de-foamer to protect extraction machinery as well as minimizing the natural foaming process of quality cleaning agents.
    • Naturally perfumed to leave a pleasant Lemon fragrance thereby covering unpleasant wet carpet odours
    • NO fillers. All ingredients are 100% cleaning agents
    • TENAX is an excellent detergent for Hard Surface Cleaning - ( tiles, grout, concrete, linoleum)

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