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Genesis Solutions provides a range of carpet cleaning products suitable for many different carpet conditions.

Whenever possible we have use Australia-made ingredients and never take shortcuts with the selection of quality raw materials

Stringent requirements in our manufacture result in consistent high quality chemical solutions that will do the job for you. At Genesis, profit doesn't come before quality.

While Genesis Detergents and Pre-Sprays will remove most spoiling conditions it is important that each stain is assessed and only the appropriate agent used. For more carpet cleaning information and advice on using our products see our carpet cleaning hints.

Feel free to explore our catalogue of Cleaning Chemicals:

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Our Detergents are tried & true formulas used by Carpet Cleaners and Institutions all over Australia.

Their strength & ability to clean can not be bettered.

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Designed to destroy microorganisms that live in carpets, carpet backing, under foam, upholstery or hard surfaces.

Our Disinfectants are the most powerful on the market. They deodorize and eliminate the odor-causing bacteria.

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Other Cleaning Products

Wether you need rakes to spread our products on carpets, syringes to inject deep into the material, or general-purpose spray-and-wipe, we have it all.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

Make sure to read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all chemicals you purchase and use. The MSDS for Genesis products describe their chemical composition, safe handling and emergency procedures.

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