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Item #: CF500-p
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  • CF500
  • 7.56mts 3500 psi rated Solution Hose inc
  • Brass male coupler incl s/s Poppet 1/4" BSP Thread
  • Female Brass Connector Inc twin seals & s/s poppet 1/4" BSP Thread
  • 12 inch 4 Jet Wand
  • 20 Mtr Heavy DutyCommercial Electric Lead
  • 7.5mts 38mm GVAC Hose inc Cuffs
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Product Description

The CF500 extractor is a Carpet Cleaning, Hard Surface Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning & Detailing machine

  • Strong Marine Grade Fibreglass body construction with non rusting Aluminium frame.
  • Equipped with 2 powerful 1200 watt 3 stage Vacuum motors for more complete removal of moisture from the carpet.
  • Vacuum chambers are piped directly into the waste tank with large piping to ensure maximum vacuum and air flow.
  • No Narrow opening or bends to reduce Air Flow.
  • Pumptec USA High Pressure Pump(factory set to 500 psi)- is a high pressure machine giving the operator excellent cleaning results no matter what job faced.
  • Quality Pressure Gauge showing current pressure in operation
  • Hour Meter for Maintenance scheduling.
  • By utilizing Teflon guides on your cleaning wand - hard surface/ tile cleaning becomes a viable option with the CF500 high performance extractor. Low maintenance components requiring a minimum of up keep. Replacement parts are both economical and available ex-stock
  • An economical and efficient choice for carpet cleaners, car detailers, upholstery cleaners, contractors, institutions, venues and all businesses involved in cleaning.
  • The CF500 while still providing the power and grunt to clean professionally, has large 200mm rear non marking wheels to aide moving the machine ( van to the work site, up stairs/down stairs, or room to room).
  • The CF500 body design uses space efficiently giving a large solution and waste tank while maintaining a tight efficient sized machine performing to the ultimate.
  • The CF500 has an easy slide dump valve positioned low in the waste tank for complete draining.
  • The front wheels are fitted with breaking pedals so that the machine can not move during transport or while being operated in tight confined areas.
  • All wheels are of Non-Marking construction, so can be moved over wet carpet without leaving track marks.
  • A laminated Genesis Spotting guide is permanently affixed to the rear of the machine for quick referencing
  • Genesis Spotters and Detergents are manufactured in Australia and are available ex-stock
  • By using Tenax Detergent Powder with the CF500 in combination with high solution pressure - most soiling and stains will be addressed in the cleaning process thereby reducing the need for additional spotting.

    Hard Surface spinners typically need high pressure (800 psi or more) to spin the bearing holding the jet bar. To clean hard surfaces with an extraction machine which produce a solution pressure of less than 800 psi the operator should:

    • Use Tenax Detergent, an aggressive formula that cleans carpet as well as hard surfaces, and will quickly emulsify soiling, with out creating an abundance of foam in the waste tank.

      Any minimal residues not extracted dry off to fine crystalline powder therefore eliminating re-soiling problems that other detergents produce.

      Most over the counter hard surface detergents possess a high foaming action which present continual problems of foam build up in your waste tank.

      Tenax has a foam inhibitor added to its formula and aids the reduction of foam generation.

      This, together with its high dilution ratio (300:1) and aggressive cleaning action make it ideal for hard surface cleaning.

    • Fit a Teflon Glide to your wand. This will enable you to clean hard surfaces in the same manner that you clean carpets (Teflon Glides available for all Genesis wands).

      By cleaning Hard surfaces in this way you can see the floor as you clean which is a distinct advantage compared to larger and more costly and cumbersome Hard Surface spinners.

      A wand fitted with a Teflon Glide can clean with a significantly low pressure, which means you can use your portable machines efficiently on Hard Surfaces. No spinning is necessary since the operator is moving the wand instead, thus not having the requirement for high presure spinning heads have.

    • • As an additional aid to Hard Surface cleaning pre-spray the area with Tenax solution, then using a buffing machine with a soft brush buff the floor. This will intensify the emulsifying action of TENAX prior to removing the slurry with your wand fitted with a Teflon glide.
  • High pressure solution - with twin 3 stage Vacuum motors
  • Fully Automated Solution Fill/ Automatic Waste Pump Out system
  • Modification to accept Booster Box Vacuum Accessory for extended hose length
  • 100 Watt Solution Heating Element
  • Thermostat control of solution water temperature
  • Solution tank Floating Cut off Switch
_CompareOrder: 4
WasteTankCapacity: 50 lts
SolutionTankCapacity: 50 lts
VaccumMotorConfig: Twin 3 stage 1200 watt
SolutionPressureConfig: PUMPTEC USA Twin Piston Pump
SolutionPressure: 500 psi

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